Do not take this depiction of Hominy as set in stone. Subject to change without notice!

Getting my book up on Amazon for pre-order (finalized version and everything!) has been one of the most exciting parts of the whole publication process. The machine is let loose - there's no turning back now. Come hell or high water, the book goes live on October 9.

As a special thank you to everyone who pre-orders, I've set up some fun goodies and giveaways on my pre-order goodies page

I've also set myself some motivational pre-order goals. I found that having a goal to work towards during the Kickstarter kept me on track - it's always better to have a solid target to work towards than a vague idea. You might not hit your target every time, but you're guaranteed to make it farther with a plan in mind than without one.

I love what Amaz and other video game streamers on Twitch do with subscriber goals, so I'm taking a page from their book. When I hit my goal, you guys get a reward - everyone wins! When I hit five pre-orders, I will write a short ode to the wonderful people who've signed up to be a part of the Mechalarum universe. I like odes. Everyone likes odes. Odes are great! Pre-order today, and join the swelling crowd!