It's been a rough couple of days. Much more tech support than I'd hoped to do and... a coffee spillage that may or may not have fried my laptop. The verdict is still out - I won't know for a week how she fares. I've counted my lucky stars up, down and sideways that all my important documents - including all of my Mechalarum materials - were either on Dropbox or Google Drive. Still, it's hard and stressful to come back from something like that.

But I'm still ready to go strong. I just finalized my files on Amazon for the pre-order, so everything is good to go live on October 9. I have even more fun stuff planned for the next week and a half, so stay tuned!

Today's page delves a bit into what separates the Citadel from the rest of the Mechalarum universe. The Citadel has not existed forever; older adults such as Jolorn remember a time before their world shrank to include only the small city under the dome. The Serl's attitude reflects what I imagine I'd feel if I was stuck in a nanofiber bubble for twenty years. To knowingly sacrifice the sight of mountains, rivers, sunlight, stars - now that takes dedication. And a powerful motivating force.

Humans weren't meant to deal with completely artificial environments. Though we've stretched the limits of what we can endure, boundaries still exist. It will be interesting to see how we deal with this as we progress to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Will we evolve to love the sight of plastic and steel more than sky and earth? Or will we learn how to take the pleasures of terra firma with us?