Friends. Companions. Mates. Buddies. No matter how you word it, the sentiment is the same - a book gets awful lonely if your heroine doesn't have someone to confide in.

You can tell a lot about characters by how they interact with others. Sometimes, more by how they interact with their friends than their enemies. Even when Kiellen is at rest, spending time with the one person who she cares about the most (or, at least, who she can tolerate for more than five minutes at a time), she still has her head in the clouds.

It's a fine line to walk. The way readers perceive a character is, in part, determined by how other characters see that character. How do you make a character sympathetic when the people she spends time with would almost prefer it if she walked off a cliff? (Suitless, of course).

It comes down to those few characters who do find a place for her in their hearts. What do they see in her? Is it possible that she's the only truly sane one? Does she just need to find a world more suited to her so she can be at peace? Only one way to find out :)