Although I do not have the privilege of calling myself a professional software developer, I've spent enough time around them (two decades and change) to know what goes into building digital products.

Namely, it's impossible to create anything technological without countless iterations, and in some cases you create more bugs than you fix. Additionally, your program or device is almost guaranteed to display the most embarrassing of those bugs on Big Demo Day.

In some science fiction worlds, technology is effortlessly integrated into everyday life. Not in the Citadel! The difficulty in perfecting technology is, in fact, essential to the story. Life ain't perfect, and neither are widgets.

Sidenote: While reminiscing about Abort, Retry, Fail? I came across this awesome Poe-poem parody.

Sidenote II: If you've ever survived a freshman English class, I'm sure you know exactly where Kiellen's hubris is leading...