Bet I grabbed you with the title, huh?

The way people view nudity can say a lot about them - and a lot about the culture they exist within. Although the US tends to share a lot of cultural traditions with Europe, the need to hide the "shameful" naked body is certainly not one of them. It's normal in many parts of Italy or France to round a corner on the beach and come face to face with a swath of "unmentionable" parts in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of sagginess. Because of our cultural conditioning, to do the same thing here would automatically trigger feelings of shock and discomfort (even if you grew up in a household where these concepts were not reinforced).

This fundamental distrust of the naked human body leads to complications in everything from sexual satisfaction to medical diagnosis. The Citadel is an autocratic place, but despising the unclothed human form is not necessary to the maintenance of power.

It's an interesting concept to play around with. No doubt differing schools of thought on nakedness will arise later in the series!