Education is one of those things that's often overlooked in fictional tales. Often, either the story prominently features advancement of the human mind (Harry Potter!), or the characters are assumed to already know everything they'll need to know.

In fantasy and science fiction, it's an especially useful tool. The reader gets to learn about the author's universe in an organic way, right along with the characters.

Of course, there can only be so many books set in boarding schools (well, there can be infinite books set in boarding schools, but I'm sure people will get tired of them eventually, right??) But just like in real life, education doesn't have to stop when you forever leave uncomfortable desks and chairs behind. The Citadelians have incorporated lessons into the music they listen to. It's a theory I'd love to see in practice more (supported by Johns Hopkins, no less!) I already get songs stuck in my head all the time. Wouldn't it great if, instead of the Macarena or that other super catchy song, I had the periodic tables or physics formulas stuck in my head?

You're welcome.