If a person wants to obsess over the minutiae of daily life, she's more likely to play The Sims than to read a book. Still, tapping into the execution of the base human daily tasks most of us share is a great way to flesh out a story.

You'd think that scenes of bathing and grooming would be overlooked in an action/adventure/speculative fiction. In truth, these scenes can be some of the most iconic, and in fact play a central role in the greater story. I haven't read the books yet, but the bathing scenes in Game of Thrones speak louder than their banality would suggest. An image of Alanna bathing before her grand trials in the Song of the Lioness series is burned into my brain. "Autowash" takes on a whole new meaning when combined with Leeloo's confused shiver and Korben Dallas's googly eyes in the Fifth Element.

My point is, you can say a lot with a little soap and water. Or lack there of, in my case.