It's impossible to avoid referencing popular culture when writing, even if you're creating a science fiction or fantasy story that has nothing to do with our modern times.

It's especially telling when you see or read "old" scifi. They have magical devices that let them speak with anyone at the press of a button! The computers show pictures in color! They treat all races and genders with respect! (How novel.) Everything from technology to interpersonal relationships to language (groovy, yo) changes quickly or slowly with the times.

Since you can't beat them, I say join them whole-heartedly. "Myth-cracking" is obviously a reference to a popular, nerdy show from the early 10's. In this case, it's an especially important nod, as I'm using it to set the scene of the "news broadcast" that frames the rest of the story. News-broadcast-framed stories have also featured in several examples of recent pop-culture media; and so the referential cycle continues. But when the reference is gone from the popular conscious, the story will inevitably change.

Also, on a meta note, sorry for the delays in posts this weekend! Took some time to chill out from all the book launch activities :)