I knew the first book I published had to be science fiction - or at least, science fiction-ish. General fiction was too constricting for me, and though I love reading fantasy, I knew I wouldn't let myself get away with not having some basis in "reality."

I love science shows, I've read quite a few "how things work" books, and the Internet is only a quick click away if I have questions. Then again, I'm not an aerospace engineer, biologist, computer scientist, or mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. I've done my best to explain things without having to employ a full-time fact-checking staff, and certainly taken liberties here and there.

I also have to deal with a heavy dose of wild, baseless, unrelenting hope. Sure, it seems like with our current technologies we may never reach the stars, but maybe, just maybe, some wild leap in scientific understanding will lead to a breakthrough that we never could have expected. So for those who might say "science doesn't work that way," I say - not yet :)